Monday, February 18, 2013

Tall man small shadow

                                          Tall man small shadow- 10 Philosophies

1.What is the purpose of his life? What he can achieve if he continues to live? His death could have a purpose but not his life?

2. A visible emptiness is greater torture than invisible emptiness. Especially when you are expecting more.

3. A professional care is mechanical. The care of your loved ones has a healing effect on your ailment, and also strengthens your emotional and spiritual bonding."

4. Old people die not because no one cared for them but because someone they expected care from did not bother.

5. The shadow is positive; it's not the absence of something. It's an effect of the cause; it's not the part of the object.

6. So far you have more than you can eat and there is someone who sleeps hungry, you are a sinner.

7. All around me is a crowd of mediocrity, with neither great virtues nor great vices, who run a rat race towards the bourgeoisie.

8.One may enjoy being empty provided the creativity caused by such void or emptiness is trapped and put to use, in the self interest or in the interest of humanity at large.

9.It is good to pray even if you do not believe in God.

10. Maturity is not understanding the culture and behaving accordingly. To know the meaning of life is maturity.

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