Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Shadow" Philosophy in "Tall man small shadow"

A shadow has no color of its own. It has many shades of gray to black depending upon the intensity of light. It moves with the object and also with the movement of the source of light. It's two dimensional but you can search and find third dimension of it. It may be like jumping in a lake to find the third dimension of shadow of hill in water. Reflections and silhouette are different from shadow since they do not have an existence. The shadow is positive; it's not the absence of something. It's an effect of the cause; it's not the part of the object. Some shadows are cool, mesmerizing and have capacity to carve your fate. Is she that? Will her shadow carve my fate? He had read in mythology there was a demon living in the sea that could catch the birds by their shadows in the sea. Am I that demon who has captured the shadow of this girl? He never liked long shadows; at least this girl had a small shadow.


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