Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dwell more into the human psychology - Ishani Vajpai's review

's review
Jan 04, 14

Its a nice book with very philosophical thoughts.. The description of
the surroundings, nature and the characters is beautiful... The small
prayer by the protagonist " Let everyone be happy, healthy and see
good things. Let no sorrow and pain come to anyone" is heart touching.
Initially I felt it was too philosophical as per my taste but
eventually i enjoyed the unspoken love of Aalya and Salil and even
that of Aalya's parents. The naughtiness of Chotu is well described.
Seema's gray shaded character turned out to be a total surprise. The
story tends to describe too much sensuality and eroticism. But may be
the story line needs it. Sometimes, I felt a bit of over
philosophical thoughts expressed by Anupam, Salil and Aalya. But I
did learn some things about the basic human instincts and behavior. It
helped me to dwell more into the human psychology many a times,,
especially from the angles I had never thought about. Overall,I
liked the book.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read
something different. A nice blend of philosophy, sensuality and

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