Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A very precious review of TMSS

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Tall Man Small Shadow

Many times I thought about writing a review for the book- “Tall Man small shadow”.  I have never written a book review before and to make the matter more complicated the book is written by my father.  Can any son write about his father objectively?  Will a son’s praise not be viewed as a natural way to express gratitude to his creator? Will a son’s criticism not be rated too harsh and an act to separate his identity from that of his father?
I had written a few lines about his book on some websites based on my preliminary reading of his manuscripts. I had read a few chapters of the edited version but had never read the final book until a few days back. Only now I feel I can write about the book. Here is what I felt:-
1.       The story is arranged in short chapters, with each chapter written from a different point of view. A single scene when viewed from different angles gives the reader a holistic view about the lives of book’s characters. However there are times when the reader is left slightly confused because of the multiple angles.
2.       The characters are intertwined by a series of coincidences in a very real-life setting. Whether these coincidences are fabricated or not, the reader is free to have his own interpretations.
3.       A few lines where I could not help but marvel at the simplicity of thoughts are-

   1. Perfection if pursued could dispense the need of God
   2.If it is death, I am dying every moment. If it is life, I am living every moment.
   3. Mere talent may lead to frustration and pessimism
   4.When he fails to understand, he philosophizes.
4.       The experience of reading this book is like reading many books in one. Many questions, many philosophies, many thoughts left just short of their conclusion. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes deliberating.
Reading his first book, I could feel that he has many more books in him and perhaps many more philosophies.
 I believe in the saying-“An author should be judged by his best lines.”

 And I know, his best is yet to come.

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