Saturday, September 14, 2013

Princess Reshma's Review Rocks

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Sep 14, 13

Read in September, 2013

To begin with, I need to confess that I cannot read a book without thinking that I am actually witnessing the events and that the characters are real. Of course, with some books it is impossible to get that feeling. I wouldn't bother to rate such books anyway. With good books it is always like that and in the process it is quite natural to fall in love with one of the characters. Though Salil is supposed to be the hero (tall, handsome and all), it was Anupam I fell for. He's wise and innocent at the same time. Of course, the love blooming between Aalya and Salil, Salil's past and the final irony of "planned coincidences" are all intriguing enough. But, it is Anupam's musings which make the book one of its kind. Not every author has the ability to blend philosophy and romance so perfectly, and that too without using the kind of language that would compel the reader to keep a dictionary and a thesaurus at hand. It's the kind of book that can entertain me during a long journey and at the same time the kind that can be used as a primary text for research. Existentialism is not so depressing after all.

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